World Egg Day: Poultry farmers call for improvement in egg value-chain


As the world mark 2021 World Egg Day, Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) in Lagos, called for improvement of the egg value chain to address protein deficiency among Nigerians.

Chairman of Lagos State chapter of PAN, Mr Godwin Egbegbe, made the call when he spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said PAN in Lagos State would donate crates of eggs to orphanages to celebrate the Day which comes up on Friday.

“It is important for Nigerians to understand the benefits of eggs consumption in solving protein deficiency common in adults and children.

“We also want an improvement in the value-chain of eggs so that we can begin the production of egg powder, through which anyone can have protein on the go.

“By 2022, we shall focus on sensitising our members on the need to improve the egg value-chain.

“We can get more from eggs ranging from its usage in confectionery and in pharmaceuticals when we improve its value-chain,’’ Egbegbe said.

The PAN chairman also told NAN that the association would encourage its members to reduce chemical additives in raising their layers so that Nigeria’s egg powder can be accepted in the international market.

“We encourage our farmers to use only probiotics, which are organic in raising their birds because they are not harmful to the birds and to humans.

Egbegbe advised consumers to use fresh eggs for their nutritional benefits, adding that when eggs are stored either on the shelf or in the fridge for more than a month, they lose most of their nutritional value.

The 2021 World Egg Day celebration, the 25th in the series, centres on the versatility of egg and its multiple benefits at every stage of life.

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