Nigeria’s Labour is set to decrease its minimum wage demand.

Organised Labour is poised to revise their minimum wage demand from N494,000 to N100,000 in response to the widespread criticism and controversy surrounding their initial proposal, which was deemed excessive and impractical.

In light of the Federal Government’s concerns regarding the proposed minimum wage’s substantial financial implications, a senior NLC official, speaking confidentially to The PUNCH, confirmed the unions’ intention to advocate for a N100,000 minimum wage.

While the Tuesday tripartite meeting primarily focused on setting an agenda and strategizing for the negotiation process, it was made clear by the Deputy Head of NLC Political Commission, Prof. Theophilus Ndubuaku, that Organised Labour is steadfast in their stance on the N100,000 minimum wage.

The labour unions have adamantly stated their rejection of any incremental adjustments to the N60,000 offer proposed by the tripartite committee on the new minimum wage.

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