Mitigating Tanker Explosions on Nigerian Roads: FRSC Corps Marshal Intensifies Consultations and Enforcement Against Speed Violations

To tackle the alarming rise in tanker explosions on Nigerian roads, the Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Shehu Mohammed, has initiated comprehensive consultations with stakeholders to ensure strict adherence to safety protocols, particularly the installation of speed limit devices.

Shehu’s proactive response follows a tragic incident on June 4, 2024, at 0800HRS, where a collision between a Mazda saloon car and a gas-carrying tanker resulted in a fatal explosion on the Obirikwerre bridge along the East-West road in Rivers State. Two lives were lost, and significant property damage occurred.

A preliminary investigation by FRSC’s emergency response teams revealed that the accident, caused by speeding, claimed two lives while three individuals were rescued unharmed.

In a bid to prevent such tragedies, the Corps Marshal has instructed Sector Commanders to intensify enforcement efforts regarding speed limit device installation and conduct awareness campaigns. He stressed the importance of ensuring that vehicles, especially those carrying hazardous materials, comply with safety regulations, including speed limit device installation and the presence of safety valves.

This directive aligns with Nigeria’s commitment to six United Nations conventions, notably the agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road.

Shehu expressed condolences to the families affected by the tragedy, praying for their strength during this difficult time


Olusegun Ogungbemide, MNI, FISPON Corps Commander Corps Public Education Officer FRSC Headquarters Abuja

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