Federal Government’s approval to adopt the 5G network got a boost from Phone and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (PAPDAN).

The Federal Government had at the Federal Executive Council meeting approved the adoption of the 5G network by the National Communications Commission.

Key players in the industry believe that the 5G network would address agitations by innovative youths.

Chairman of PAPDAN Ifeanyin Akubue said ” our youths were innovative and the adoption of 5G in the country would encourage them to be more innovative,’ saying,

‘We are in a digital world and its adoption will enhance development and productivity because of its speedy connectivity.”

He explained that “The youth of the country are digitally inclined and they are looking forward to new innovations; its adoption will help them bring out their creativity.

“It is because of the speedy connectivity to the Internet which makes innovations worth the try.
“It is also going to spur those techs-savvy to catch up with new innovations.
“It is a good one because we will be able to catch up with the global world but the government should also try to provide adequate power supply to make it effective,’’ he said.
According to him, it will affect the mobile device business positively because new device will be introduced with 5G features.
He said that the benefits on business might not be immediately as it was being adopted but there would be demands for phones with 5G features.
Akubue said that some phones with 4G features could also be used with 5G, so in all it is a good idea because even 2G and 3G phones are still in the market.
He, however, said that the myth of COVID-19 associated with 5G was not substantive because there was no health implications associated with 5G. 

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